Our Story

The Center began as a one-man mission that grew to become a larger endeavor. Here are a few highlights.

The Center was founded to put counseling, coaching, and Christianity to work helping people break into the adventure of a life well lived – the life they’ve always wanted!
  • We counsel people through their difficult past while coaching them into a better tomorrow, all from a Christian foundation.
  • We help people remove all barriers to knowing God deeply, following him fully, and sharing him faithfully, with energy and zeal!
  • We wake people to God’s existence and the life he gives here, now, and eternally.
  • We reconnect people with the God who loves them and the good life that he wants for them.
  • A life resplendent with the joy, calm, happiness, and abundance they’ve always wanted for their lives.
  • Life as forgiven, healed, whole, loved, wanted, free, victorious, transformed, and beyond happy!
  • We aim to help people get well internally, live well as healed and free Christ-followers, and then give the wellness God bought for them to the world they inhabit.
As we continue to grow, we hope to help measurably improve the spiritual and psychological wellness of entire communities one life at a time, one family at a time, one neighborhood at a time, and one workplace at a time… We hope to see people live happier lives and to watch as God’s name is renowned and honored wherever it is heard.

Meet Our Team!