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Kerry has been pastoring on some level since 1981 and is currently the Pastor of Leadership Development and Spiritual Formation at TRC.

Managing Emotions During Quarantine and Crisis


PODCAST: Click here if you prefer to LISTEN to the podcast version. VLOG: Click here if you prefer to WATCH the YouTube video of this content. QUICK SUMMARY (This article was first written to provide help during the coronavirus global pandemic of 2020) A question on everyone’s mind these days (and in any time of

Managing Emotions During Quarantine and Crisis2022-01-07T14:36:02-05:00

Finding Your Battle Cry: How To Stand in Victory!


Photo by Jim Arnot on Unsplash By Nancy Krissel, from a talk given in 2017 A War is On I would like to say a word about fighting. There is a war, and we are in it. We have an enemy, but we need to know who that enemy is. Ephesians 6:10-12 10Finally, be strong in the

Finding Your Battle Cry: How To Stand in Victory!2022-01-07T14:36:10-05:00

Navigating Life’s Demanding Seasons (Part 3)


Photo by @helloimnik on Upsplash Prefer to listen to the podcast version of Navigating Life's Demanding Seasons? Click here to go to this material on The Spiritual Coaching Dashboard. QUICK SUMMARY: As we finish this three-part series let’s again make sure we are clear about what a “demanding seasons” is. These are times when there

Navigating Life’s Demanding Seasons (Part 3)2022-01-07T14:36:18-05:00

Navigating Life’s Demanding Seasons (Part 2)


Would you prefer to listen to Navigating Life's Demanding Seasons (Part2)? Click over to the podcast version on The Spiritual Coaching Dashboard. QUICK SUMMARY: This is part two of three parts - the second myth about "demanding seasons." You should read the first part (Here) before proceeding for maximum understanding and clarity. Let’s make sure

Navigating Life’s Demanding Seasons (Part 2)2022-01-07T14:36:26-05:00

Navigating Life’s Demanding Seasons (Part 1)


Would you prefer to listen to Navigating Life's Demanding Seasons? Click over to the podcast version on "The Spiritual Coaching Dashboard." QUICK SUMMARY: As we watch nature cycle through the seasons, we see a handy metaphor for explaining, and sometimes defend, over-working. Although it is not always easy to tell at first, nature will eventually let

Navigating Life’s Demanding Seasons (Part 1)2022-01-07T14:36:34-05:00

The Advent Conspiracy: Give More


Previous Article: Spend Less Relational Giving QUICK SUMMARY: In recent years, Christmas has gone full throttle into being all about getting stuff. It is all about the next big gadget and the coolest most expensive toy that ALL the kids are talking about. It is no wonder many people are starting to dread the consumerism

The Advent Conspiracy: Give More2021-03-24T20:36:43-04:00

The Advent Conspiracy: Spend Less


Spend Less: 5 “Bogus Beliefs” About Giving Gifts Previous Article: Worship Fully QUICK SUMMARY: Let’s be brutally honest, “spend less” is a mantra many of us need to chant, or better live by, 365 days a year! This may not be a Christmas problem. The season my accentuate it or just bring it out of hiding

The Advent Conspiracy: Spend Less2021-03-24T20:37:43-04:00

The Advent Conspiracy: Worship Fully


What is “Worship” & How Do I Do it “Fully?” QUICK SUMMARY: This week, as we start the Advent Conspiracy series, the subject is worshiping fully. But what if you do not know what it looks like to worship? What if the word “worship” is an enigma, an ethereal, intangible concept that does not translate

The Advent Conspiracy: Worship Fully2022-01-07T14:36:42-05:00

Rescue from Resolutions: Read Before New Year’s!


Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash Listen to the Podcast Version HERE: On The Spiritual Coaching Dashboard QUICK SUMMARY: Let’s cut to the chase and try some brutal honesty. Research shows that 88% of those that make New Year resolutions will not keep them. Only 8% are still going by December. This means that for most, this year will

Rescue from Resolutions: Read Before New Year’s!2021-03-24T20:40:37-04:00

Help, my friend is depressed, and I keep sticking my foot in my mouth!


Previous Article: Celebrating the Little Wins QUICK OVERVIEW: We all know someone who is fighting depression. People from all walks of life and in every season of life can struggle with this. It affects so many people, whether directly or indirectly, that it surprises me that we have such a hard time talking about it

Help, my friend is depressed, and I keep sticking my foot in my mouth!2021-03-24T20:41:36-04:00