Counseling Plus Coaching Plus Christianity

Like I’ve said, all three occur together in every session. Most times, therapy only delves into the past, leaving you with no idea about tomorrow. And that can be unsettling and even a little scary. And how about a little hope? How about you tell me what I’m supposed to do now that you’ve talked me into being honest with myself and others about my past? More about that under “Brave Your Story.”

For now, that is where coaching intersects counseling. Counseling can get a little depressing and overwhelming, what with digging up all that mess you lived through. But we are sensitive to that probability and coach you along the way. We call out your gifts and createdness, picturing a special future for you in God’s redemptive hands. We talk to you about what tomorrow can become now that health is gradually being restored to your soul. Balance is a beautiful thing. We do our best to balance out the difficult past you now call your own with hope that tomorrow will be better. Not because you ignore it or because processing it removes you from it, but because of having made it through into health and happiness. (Read “Brave Your Story”)

All that is made possible when your narrative is inseparably attached to the Biblical narrative. Without God, new life, forgiveness, healing, freedom, and his sovereign ability to turn what another did with evil intent into what he intends with redemptive purpose, our story really stinks! But for God. But for Jesus Christ. When we address our past—what was done to us and what was done by us—and then face our future, with God to rewrite the story, anything is possible! He takes the charred remains of our past and transforms even the worst of it into something meaningful and beautiful.


“Brave Your Story”