Yes, we can help you afford our rates, if you sincerely need help. Our mission puts serving others over the business.

  • We ask all those who can afford the full fee to refuse to take any reduction.
  • Willingness to pay a reasonable rate for professional services you use allows us to offer more scholarships to those who genuinely cannot afford the full fee.
  • We also set our full fee rate thoughtfully, competitively, and compassionately by making it one of the most reasonable in the area.
  • We do then also maintain a scholarship program that you can apply for which will help pay some of the cost of your session.
  • There are no “free-ride” scholarships because we believe everyone should contribute something (a minimum of $25) for the services they use.
  • If all else fails, we accept proven community service as payment (3.5 hours for a maximum of $50 reduction), at our location or in the community to help cover the cost.