Many hands make light work!

There’s a reason you frequently hear someone say, “we couldn’t have done it without you” as a project comes to a close or a business comes into being. And the reason is… It’s true! While contributions are distinct in size and sacrifice, when measured collectively they are one huge gift to us!

From all of us here at The Center…

Thank You!


T H A N K   Y O U!

Care to dream a little with me?

This is what I am imagining & what you can be a part of:

  • Imagine a counseling practice that cares for people’s entire wellness—psychological and spiritual, body, soul, and spirit—simultaneously.

  • Imagine a practice that is as adept at handling the spiritual side of life as it is at the psychological side.

  • Imagine a Christian practice so known to be professional and effective that the non-religious seek their help despite the Christian approach.

  • Imagine a counseling service that sees many people choose Christ as a result of accepting his help and finding that God is real, and that he loves them.

  • Imagine a practice that helps raise the relational intelligence of a community through preventative measures that reduce the need for reparative measures.

  • Imagine that we help put so many well people back into circulation that the wellness of the entire area begins to tip in favor of the well.

  • Imagine that people’s new wellness touches those closest to them as well as their looser acquaintances, attracting both to seek the same healing.

  • Imagine that well people infect others with wellness that catches fire and ignites a wave of health that elevates the character of the entire community!

  • Imagine a practice whose goal is to make it hard for anyone in our community and region to live lousy lives and die still far from God!