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Get Well

Most people carry stuff that weighs them down and makes life harder than it needs to be. Things that only God can lift.
Getting Well involves (spiritual) counseling. We use forgiveness to move the process along, letting it lead us back to what has not yet been healed. Then we walk with you through the process of uncovering and draining unspent emotions, long-standing lies, and destructive coping mechanisms that were used to numb and avoid what has not been grieved.

Coping mechanisms like addiction are not the real problem but a symptom. Treat the symptom only and the real issue is ignored. Consider a warning light on the dash of your car. When it comes on it’s not the problem. In fact, it’s functioning properly. It’s doing its job. It’s acting exactly the way it was designed to act. Pop the hood and fix the underlying issue that it’s alerting you to, and the light goes out all on its own. This is precisely what Jesus taught. “First wash the inside of the cup… and then the outside will become clean, too.” (Matthew 23:26)

To GET WELL we help you (figuratively) “pop the hood” of your heart and life. We walk you through the necessary discovery of the wound(s) that need healing so that the symptom(s) that are degrading your life and relationships will begin to vanish as you let God heal, set free, and make the life changes he knows you need to make.

The Center will help you shed
what makes life harder than it needs to be…
by giving hurt, stress, fear, and decisions,
to God.
Ready to lighten up?

Live Well

When we let God in, he brings wellness that kills what’s false and allows the true us to finally live free, and live to the full!
Living Well involves release from fear and an end to hiding. It allows the freedom of expression as God intended it. As getting well is gradually worked out in us, we shed the false “us” that we’ve created, the “me” we have adapted in an attempt to be what we think others want us to be, and what will finally win us the love and acceptance we long for. As suppression and selective expression end, we’re free to be us, to fearlessly live our story, to be vulnerable, and to boldly live well!

The newness allows us to connect emotionally with others, more strongly the longer we live well. It allows us to (re)orient our focus away from ourselves and toward others at healthy levels, even at the vulnerable level that are an essential part of loving relationships. And all while not losing ourselves in the process. We finally become trustworthy and known for reliability and integrity that both allows others to respect us and the God we model to them.

To LIVE WELL we will need help to see the false us along with the masks and spin and medication and everything that has buried the real us and made life so heavy and hard to bear. The only one that knows who the real us is and has the power to unbury us from the tomb of wounding is God. Only he can give us a new life—as if he caused us to be reborn—and transform us from the shell of a person we were and release the true us that he created to be a good gift to others.

The Center will help you find–and let God set free–the truest version of yourself.
This releases you from self-absorption
to love and serve others.
Ready to break free?

Give Well

When we live from God’s newness–masks off and hiding over–we share wellness with all nearby and together we live better lives!
Give Well involves an obvious change that others see in us. All the freedom, healing, and transformation that God works in our heart binds us to him in new levels of loyal devotion. The new and expanding consistency, stability, confidence, contentment, joy, and love that others see and experience with us, is attractive. People want what we’ve found. Together we come to know God deeply, follow him fully, and represent him faithfully!

The newness that God “births” is his life in us. Through his presence in us he fights the enemy victoriously. The confidence and affirmation God offers encourages us to live from our core identity in him. We even become willing to be vulnerable knowing that his love—the one love that is most needed—can never be lost. We live out of our story (instead of trying to change or hide it) from an expanding sense of peace, calm, strength, and safety. This well-paced stability is contagious, spreading to everyone in our circles of influence, benefitting, recommending, and commending God to them all.

To GIVE WELL we need to be well. Relationships don’t tend to grow beyond the least mature among them. With God, we need no longer be the least-well, the limiting factor that holds back and drags down all our relational connections. Instead, God reaches out through us and lifts those around us! Together we all live better lives aligned and in love with the God who made us!

The Center will help you nail down lasting change,
comfort with your own story,
and calm confidence that
draws others to God.
Ready to share life?