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Current Classes
CORTLAND – Mondays, 8:30 pm, at 78 Homer Ave.
(@ Two Rivers Church – Cortland location)
BINGHAMTON – Tuesdays, 3:00 pm, 1 Chrisfield Ave.
(@ Two Rivers Church – JC location)
Cost: $15 per class

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The Benefits of Christian Yoga

New Life Yoga exists to put handles on prayer and healing. We do that by showing you how to declutter your mind and calm your emotions. We use physical posture to help you find your center in Christ.

We are talking about traditional ancient Yoga positions that are brought over into the equally ancient Christian worldview. In place of Eastern philosophy and the Sanskrit names, we use the English equivalent with Biblical truth. It is all that is good about Yoga (the physical aspect with quieting, calming, and centering practices) combined with Christian truth and doctrine. Call it physical meditation. But it is not just physical, it is mental and spiritual as well. The Bible teaches, and spiritual disciplines include, practices (designed to help us center on God, or focus our thoughts, emotions/devotion, and choices/will on him) like silence and stillness (Psalm 10:46a). They help us quiet and calm our natural and worldly interests and appetites and activity so that in the space created we can focus on God and hear his voice.

It has often been called “Christian Yoga” and is quite common (in differing degrees of mixture between Yoga and Christianity) these days, and is growing in popularity. This is due to how well the concept of intentional focus of mind and emotions through the assistance of bodily postures fits into the Christian and Biblical practices of meditation and prayer. If you trace the history of Christianity back to just after the Constantinian Edict of Milan in 313, to the desert Amma and Abbas (mothers and fathers), you will find that practices that closely mirror those found in Yoga were practiced and even instituted into the daily routines of devotees to Christ who populated the Egyptian desert retreats.

In its rawest sense, this adapted Yoga is simply prayer. Not a single momentary request from or conversation with God, but an extended meditation or rumination, thinking deeply about God, our connection with him, his love and sacrifice for us, and the nature of our devotion in response. We are teaching Christ-followers how to pray to and/or worship God for extended periods of 30-40 minutes at time. In different words, it is (an aspect of) discipleship.

Here are 10 Benefits:

  • Improved Physical Health

  • Inner Balance – A new & reliable inner calm.

  • Improved Mental Clarity & Control

  • Reserved Time for Personal Worship

  • Healthy Breathing Techniques

  • Grounding That Stabilizes

  • Hightened Cognitive Agility

  • Improved Prayer Life

  • Increased Ability to Meditate… for example on the Bible.

  • Presence in the Present