Spiritual Counseling is most like traditional therapy. Beyond the fact that our counselors may not be officially licensed, we also take a different approach to reparative work. When we sit down with someone who has an issue in their life, we start from a Christian point of view and let psychology inform us when it is applicable. We give solutions and advice that are first spiritual and second psychological, even if we begin with emotions and thoughts and other issues that are not uniquely or singularly spiritual in nature. Scroll down through the list that I have expanded to see the specifics we address.

Restoring Godliness & Godly Wisdom to Daily Life:

  • Defuse the Past – We help you recognize how wounding and pain from the past is impacting today

  • Create Language – We use simple metaphors to give expression for what is otherwise very hard to convey so they better understand themselves and can explain what’s going on inside them to others.

  • Relational Depth – We help people grow, protect, and even become the catalyst for safe and satisfying relationships in every area of life.

  • Marriage Issues – We help couples address the many struggles of marriage and work toward a mutually satisfying union that’s better than before and more then they imagined was possible.

  • Parenting Challenges – We help moms and dads with the challenges of raising godly kids (and continuing to help them in adulthood) in a godless age that’s antagonistic to the Christian way.

  • Establishing Your Dashboard – We help people habitually monitor in real time the state of their emotions and heart by placing “gauges” (identifying symptoms) on the “dashboard” of their life.

  • Uncovering Coping Mechanisms – As we help people work through their issues, we also identify for them their favorite numbing and avoiding habits so they can be awake to them and replace them.

  • Discovering Life-Limiting Lies – We help you identify, combat, and rescript the untruths that we all pick up in the rough and tumble of growing up, so that the truth is known and embraced and sets free.

  • Accepting/Living Your Story – We help you come to terms with your unique story and embrace the empowering freedom of vulnerability that frees us to live out of our past and no longer hide it.

  • Enneagram Typing – We help people discover their personality type, understand it, and know how to make the most good out of it by avoiding the dark downside and live into the light-side.

Pastor Kerry never sugarcoated things or told me it would be easy, but instead provided me with resources I could use to do the hard but necessary work for healing, recovery, and growing.


Ready to Get, Live,
and Give Well?