Preventative Spiritual Direction – This is a sort of spiritual “tune-up” that is preventative coaching designed to keep things in life running as smoothly as possible.

Under this heading, we talk about what is being done deliberately, habitually, routinely, in your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly rhythm to remain connected to God relationally and deepen that connection intentionally. What spiritual disciplines are we using to keep us growing closer to God and more like Jesus. Since this is a life-long pursuit and process, a regular spiritual tune-up is advisable. We will tackle questions like “what is God like?” or “do I need to be baptized? or “how do I tell someone about salvation?” What does the Bible say about ______? What does it mean when the Bible says _______? Spiritual Direction provides pastoral counsel — scriptural advice for any question about the life of a Christ-follower. We are learning to be Christ-like in attitude (internally) and function (externally). I am in this situation, or that happened, how should I respond in a way that is consistent with the Bible’s teaching and Jesus’ example? How do I endure a godless environment and not compromise my faith, push people away, present as superior, live in fear, or lose my sanity?!

Here are 10 areas help us keep God in our daily life:

  • Theological Questions – Concerning belief, faith, doctrine, confusion, cultural variance.

  • Biblical Questions – Concerning themes/subjects, timeline, authorship, verses, statements, veracity.

  • Spiritual Life Questions – About how your faith and Jesus’ teaching should impact your living.

  • Temptation & Sin Issues – How to resist, label sins, break sin-confess-repeat cycles of defeat.

  • Expressing Vs. Submerging – Concerning what’s still buried and the critical freedom to express.

  • Spiritual Disciplines – Using them to know him better, hear God and/or confirm his voice/leading.

  • Relational Impact – Concerning how to make a godly and treasured imprint on others.

  • Discerning God’s Will – How to listen, hear, and do God’s bidding; making changes or decisions.

  • Wisdom Vs. Folly – Using God’s wisdom to prevent godless and foolish actions and decisions.

  • Enneagram Congruence – Using our type to remain connected to God and not selfishly to ourselves.

Pastor Kerry never sugarcoated things or told me it would be easy, but instead provided me with resources I could use to do the hard but necessary work for healing, recovery, and growing.


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