Benched By God (2): Called But Stalled


PODCAST EPISODE: The Spiritual Coaching Dashboard… Click HERE to listen instead of read. QUICK SUMMARY: For this episode, I am going to continue the discussion about being benched by God. For this to make the greatest impact on you, and make the most sense to you, it is best that you go back and catch

Benched By God (2): Called But Stalled2022-01-07T14:37:08-05:00

Lessons I Learned When Benched by God


PODCAST VERSION: Want to listen? QUICK SUMMARY: Have you noticed that God does things his own way? He makes little sense to us because of his greater perspective. And he plays a long-game that confuses my immediate and short-term sight. I learned this the hard way early in my pastoral career. I had worked for

Lessons I Learned When Benched by God2021-03-24T20:48:33-04:00