The Advent Conspiracy: Give More


Previous Article: Spend Less Relational Giving QUICK SUMMARY: In recent years, Christmas has gone full throttle into being all about getting stuff. It is all about the next big gadget and the coolest most expensive toy that ALL the kids are talking about. It is no wonder many people are starting to dread the consumerism

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The Advent Conspiracy: Spend Less


Spend Less: 5 “Bogus Beliefs” About Giving Gifts Previous Article: Worship Fully QUICK SUMMARY: Let’s be brutally honest, “spend less” is a mantra many of us need to chant, or better live by, 365 days a year! This may not be a Christmas problem. The season my accentuate it or just bring it out of hiding

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The Advent Conspiracy: Worship Fully


What is “Worship” & How Do I Do it “Fully?” QUICK SUMMARY: This week, as we start the Advent Conspiracy series, the subject is worshiping fully. But what if you do not know what it looks like to worship? What if the word “worship” is an enigma, an ethereal, intangible concept that does not translate

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