Are You Being Abused? How To Tell & Where To Start


Are You Being Abused? How To Tell & Where To Start Want to catch the rest of the series? Head back to Part 1. Prefer to listen? Click here for part 1 of the podcast. Rather listen to the podcast version of this episode?  Check it out over at The Spiritual Coaching Dashboard. SUMMARY: This is

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Why Does God Allow Suffering?


PODCAST: Click here if you prefer to LISTEN to the podcast version. VLOG: Click here if you prefer to WATCH the YouTube video of this content. QUICK SUMMARY (This article was first written to provide help during the coronavirus global pandemic of 2020). In the midst of our current global health crisis--or whatever you may

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The Advent Conspiracy: Give More


Previous Article: Spend Less Relational Giving QUICK SUMMARY: In recent years, Christmas has gone full throttle into being all about getting stuff. It is all about the next big gadget and the coolest most expensive toy that ALL the kids are talking about. It is no wonder many people are starting to dread the consumerism

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The Advent Conspiracy: Spend Less


Spend Less: 5 “Bogus Beliefs” About Giving Gifts Previous Article: Worship Fully QUICK SUMMARY: Let’s be brutally honest, “spend less” is a mantra many of us need to chant, or better live by, 365 days a year! This may not be a Christmas problem. The season my accentuate it or just bring it out of hiding

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10 Cognitive Distortions


QUICK SUMMARY: The following graphics were purchased from IQ Doodle and used in Pastor Will’s first message on depression. We feel they are extremely helpful tools and wanted to make them available to you. If you would like to read the original article where they explain each graphic and go a little deeper you can

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You are Not Your Depression!


Previous Article: Facing Depression QUICK SUMMARY: I have fought with depression for a long time, and through much of it, I allowed it and my place in this world to define me. I allowed the negative narrative of depression to take up residence in my mind and eventually my heart. I began to believe the

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What Is Spiritual Coaching? (Part 2)


WHAT WE DO FOR YOU AT THE CENTER (PART 2)As we consider how we serve people, let me throw another term at you that will round out the picture. We use "Life Coaching" to refer to preventative coaching "tune-up" for the whole of your life. We use "Spiritual Direction" to refer to preventative coaching "tune-ups"

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Who is Spiritual Coaching For?


WHO SHOULD COME FOR HELP?Who is it for? It is for all of us. All who would like something more than fluffy ideas, silhouettes on sunset backgrounds, and warm fuzzy feelings! If you do a Google image search for “spiritual” you will find a bunch of mystical, blurry-edged pictures of people in very pious poses,

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