Why Does God Allow Suffering?


PODCAST: Click here if you prefer to LISTEN to the podcast version. VLOG: Click here if you prefer to WATCH the YouTube video of this content. QUICK SUMMARY (This article was first written to provide help during the coronavirus global pandemic of 2020). In the midst of our current global health crisis--or whatever you may

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The Annoying Yet Necessary Signs of Life 


What Do New Grandchildren Have to do With Spiritual Life?  PODCAST VERSION: on The Spiritual Coaching Podcast SHORT VERSION: Like the ups and downs of a heart beat (or the season of life, or the day/night daily cycle), so too our spiritual life will and must encounter highs and lows. We cannot escape confusion and

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What Is Spiritual Coaching? (Part 2)


WHAT WE DO FOR YOU AT THE CENTER (PART 2)As we consider how we serve people, let me throw another term at you that will round out the picture. We use "Life Coaching" to refer to preventative coaching "tune-up" for the whole of your life. We use "Spiritual Direction" to refer to preventative coaching "tune-ups"

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Who is Spiritual Coaching For?


WHO SHOULD COME FOR HELP?Who is it for? It is for all of us. All who would like something more than fluffy ideas, silhouettes on sunset backgrounds, and warm fuzzy feelings! If you do a Google image search for “spiritual” you will find a bunch of mystical, blurry-edged pictures of people in very pious poses,

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What Is Spiritual Coaching? (Part 1)


WHAT WE DO FOR YOU AT THE CENTERAt The Center we help you “come home” to a significant relationship with God. Spiritual coaches and directors (for the difference see "Choose A Service") join with and help others in the adventure of knowing (experiencing) God deeply and following him fully. “Spirituality” from a Christian point of

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