Life Coaching asks questions like, “where is my life going?” or “how do I know God’s will for my life and relationships?” are in play here. Questions like, should they take the new job, move, marry, quit, buy, etc. Do they know and use their spiritual gifts? Are they intentionally living life or letting it live them? Are they consistent and have healthy rhythms and routines? Do they have goals and do they live my purpose and not default? Are they living by God’s plan and design or one of their own? Do they ask God what he wants for them or ask him to bless what they want for themselves? Of primary importance is probing into key relationships. Smokey Bear was right! Only you can prevent forest fires. It is much easier to prevent wildfires than it is to extinguish them and much less harm is done to those we love. Any question is in play that makes them think, probe their practices and intentions, and evaluate the degree of deliberate living they do as compared to just going along on the path of least resistance.

Questions for Intentional Growth in 10 Areas:

  • Spiritual Disciplines – Are you maintaining and expanding/advancing your God-connection?

  • Cognitive Scripting – What stories do you choose to tell yourself? What is your self-script?

  • Emotional Indicators – Are you emotionally alive and listening? Are you monitoring your indicators?
  • Self-Forgiveness – Are you maintaining a gracious and forgiving posture toward yourself?
  • Physical Health – Are you habitually caring for your body? Is your body showing signs of neglect?

  • Financial Stability/Wisdom – Do you have and keep godly financial practices?
  • Relational Presence – Are you “with” and available (awake and aware) when in proximity?
  • Disempowering the Past – Are there any new issues/symptoms that need investigating?

  • Making Life Choices & Changes – What decision(s) and adjustment(s) are you contemplating?

  • Enneagram Warnings – Are you using your type to lead into createdness and avoid its dark side?

Pastor Kerry never sugarcoated things or told me it would be easy, but instead provided me with resources I could use to do the hard but necessary work for healing, recovery, and growing.


Ready to Get, Live,
and Give Well?